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About Keystone Medical Massage

     Therapeutic Touch is one of the most effective healing techniques of today. There are so many diseases in the world that can be alleviated from the energy of our touch! Fibromyalgia, Depression, TMJ, back and neck problems, headaches, sinuses, carpal tunnel, cancer, MS, mental stress, soreness, aches, and pains from repetitive daily duties from work, or any other abnormal pains CAN also be treated with a "Keystone Medical Massage." 

     We offer therapeutic services to individuals and families to enable them to cope with everyday stress. These services are also provided for small businesses, corporations, and organizations to improve employee productivity, morale, and absenteeism.

     We would like to welcome you to our facility conveniently located at 42 West Market Street, Blairsville, PA 15717.  With experience in massage therapy since 2002, KMM will utilize an assortment of professional modalities, appropriate for the client's therapeutic outcome. Call us today for an appointment to receive your next bodywork at 724.675.8825 

     Clients need to arrive at their scheduled appointment time. All appts begin on time. We require a 24-Hour notice of cancellation or you will be charged for the missed appt. 

  • All clients must be 18 years of age unless accompanied by an adult. 

  • ​Prenatal massage requires a doctor's approval and must be after the first trimester.

  • ​Please be sure to inform your therapist of any medical condition that contraindicates with the use of heat, massage, or skincare before every appointment. 

Keystone Medical Massage is OPEN: BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!!!

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