KMM Wellness Advocates

Multiple professionals to better serve your needs:

Please take a moment to review our advocates and staff at KMM! We look forward to serving you and helping you achieve your wellness goals! We will work with you on any level needed to see your complete transformation and bring you to center in all aspects! We look forward to meeting you at our facility! 


Veronique Bish - Licensed Massage Therapist and Bodyworker

Bonjour! My name is Veronique! I have been in the medical field since 2002 and I am still passionate to this day! I have seen and felt what trauma can do to the body and I know firsthand how massage therapy and energy work can help you physically, emotionally, and spiritually! Thru my years of being a massage therapist, I have associated and worked side by side with medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, nurses, and other massage therapists in maintaining clients' health. I have even helped mommies from before pregnancy to childbirth. In the past, I have owned and operated a business for eight years called "Mountaineer Massage Therapy" in Fairmont, WV. I have traveled around the world seen and done so many things and still want to continuously absorb life to its fullest! I have three beautiful children whom I adore! We moved to Blairsville near my hometown Saltsburg, PA, and began a beautiful new journey in Blairsville!  I am still continuously learning and thriving to make a person feel their best! I have seen and felt what trauma can do to a person and it wears you down!  I have the knowledge and touch to make a difference in your life! Call 724.675.8825 or stop in at our location at 42 West Market St, Blairsville, Pa 15717, downtown Blairsville. We have private free parking and always a smile!


Matt Mikeska - Spiritual Drumming & Holistic Bodywork

Rhythm is what gives form to the boundless spirit and energy of all that is within and beyond our human experience. From the movement of celestial bodies to the changing seasons, the repeating cycles within nature, and the beating heart of each one of us. Rhythm is a common thread that runs through everything, down to the smallest atoms that are vibrating with the beat of creation. The drum, being far more than an instrument, is a tool that is simple and accessible to anyone who approaches. The drum acts as a point of contact between the rhythm within and the universal rhythm. Through the drum, we can connect with our deeper, primal self while at the same time connecting with others drumming around us. As our rhythms synchronize with one another we create something that is much bigger and more powerful than any one of its individual parts. The drum circle becomes a deep and meaningful, radical act of community. Through the beating, the drum self becomes integrated with all that is outside of self. At the very least it's just fun to beat on a drum.


Sylvia Bedick - Licensed Massage Therapist

Hello! My Name is Sylvia Bedick. I am a single mom of 2 teenage boys and decided to put myself through school in 2019 so I am a new LMT. I graduated from The Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy. My interest in massage came from the spiritual healing I experienced from receiving massage myself. Throughout my journey so far I have found the many benefits of massage, for the body and soul.  I specialize in myofascial massage, sports massage, Swedish massage, hot stone massage, hot stick massage, and assisted stretching. However, I have extensive training in neuromuscular trigger point massage and deep tissue massage as well. As I continue to learn and grow, I look forward to expanding my knowledge and accreditation in Shiatsu and Thai massage, cupping, lymphatic drainage and much more.

Kayla Orosz - Esthetician

Hello, my name is Kayla Orosz! I am a proud dog mom of two puggles named Chyna & Hindi. I went to school at EWCTC for cosmetology, where I'd learned that I was truly meant to do skin care over hair or nails. My goal is to become a Master Esthetician and to develop my own skincare products. My skills include full body waxing, threading, eyebrow and eyelash tinting, and of course facials. I first started getting into skin care when I got my first facial. The esthetician spoke to me about how to become a licensed esthetician as well. So now here I am an Esthetician! I strive to complete my goals and am determined to do it with proficiency, and I'm motivated to do it with courage. I hope to see you soon and that you grow with me through this journey.

ms Bonnie.jpg

Bonnie Henderson - Wellness Receptionist

Hi, I’m Bonnie. I am a wife of 46 years, a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. I’m known as Nana to all the generations of my family. In addition to my family, I have done many things in my life that have brought me much joy: jumped 4-foot fences on horseback, owned and operated a cleaning service for 37 years, organized successful Youth fundraising dinners, lead a 4-H and Brownie group, taught the Nursery class at church for as long as I can remember, helped with the lessons in our Youth program at church, baked and decorated numerous wedding/birthday/anniversary cakes, yearly hosted sit down dinners for our extended family for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and cared for my elderly father for nearly 7 years.

As I enter my golden years, I greatly appreciate the services and products offered at Keystone Medical Massage. I have been a client of Veronique for several years, and she has helped me through many rough patches. Now, as I begin my work at Keystone Medical Massage as a Receptionist and Assistant, I hope to help you since Veronique has helped me, by assisting and educating you on the products and services available at Keystone Medical Massage.

Tiffany Eiselman - Wellness Receptionist

Hello, I am Tiffany! I am a mom of two adult sons, a beautiful cat-mom to Shelby (the daughter I'll never have), and am an avid gardener. I enjoy reading as much as possible and I absolutely love to cook when I have the time. When the weather is agreeable, hiking is an activity that recharges me on every level! 

One of the greatest interests in my life is holistic health, alternative medicine, essential oils, and healthy living! The plethora of services offered at Keystone Medical Massage is something I find as a key to a healthy and whole lifestyle! The products we offer are vast and I would LOVE to talk with you about the services, products, and treatments we offer at Keystone Medical Massage. I look forward to meeting you and I am glad to be a part of the team!


Jen Smith - Wellness Receptionist


Jenn has lived in the Blairsville area most of her life.  She started as a client for chronic illness and has gotten to the point through massage that she fills in occasionally!  She’s a Jack of all trades who has done everything from Production Supervisor at a plastics plant to working in a library!  She’s good at finding answers to any questions you may have. In her free time, she spends time with her rescues:  Charley Buttons a Pekingese, and Scotty and Gemma who are both Japanese Chins!  She is also working on her photography skills, and all 3 dogs are willing helpers!