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Facials & Skincare Treatments

Benefits of a facial massage and treatment

     More and more experts in the skincare world are utilizing the benefits of facial massages for the wellness of their clients. Like a mini workout for your face, face massages involve massaging key facial muscles and pressure points (like your jawline, cheekbones, and forehead) using your hands or a stone roller. Just a few minutes of practice can help increase blood flow, reduce puffiness, and–wait for it–keep your skin looking fresh, youthful, and fine line-free. Facial treatments work by waking up your face, draining tension and fluid from your face to slow down the aging process, and promoting healthier facial skin!

     The benefits of facial massage treatment are amazing! Most people hold tension in their faces. If we feel a little stressed or tired, concentrate too hard too often, our body picks up on these signs and responses. The wellness of the body is predicated upon running in sync with all aspects. Facial massages release the stored toxins, boost circulation to the face, relieve tension, relieve tight facial muscles, improve skin absorption, and relax your whole body in the process!

Cellulite-less Package

$170 / 85 Min

Having Cellulite Issues! Keep working out and can't seem to get rid of those pesky fatty areas! Look no further for an all-natural treatment! We have the answer for you! Try our cellulite cupping/guasha treatment with Lure Essentials Cellulite Massage Oil! Have visible veins? We add Simply Earth Vein Diminisher for an even better result! Long lasting smoothness and diminishes vein appearance in just a few sessions!

Sports massage on leg
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Signature Facial

$75 / 65 Min

Sink into a deep relaxation with our signature Skin Script facial with Ultrasonic technology to exfoliate and help products penetrate deeper into your skin. This customized service will leave your skin feeling revitalized and new, with Vitamin rich ingredients from plants and herbs. This facial is perfect for expectant mothers, clients with sensitive skin, and anyone who wants to maintain their skin health while preventing environmental factors.

Gentlemen's Facial

$75 / 65 Min

The gentleman’s facial is geared for the specific needs that men have. A customized treatment includes deep pore cleansing, ultrasonic technology, hot towels, exfoliation, a customized mask, and hydrating moisturizer. This facial helps repair the damage caused by daily shaving, skin sensitivity, dullness, aging, and the environmental impact.

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Facial Massage

Anti-aging Facial

$125 / 65 Min

This treatment is rich in antioxidants treating all signs of ageing while increasing collagen and elastin production. Featuring Skin Scripts Cherry Enzyme with antioxidants, Kojic, and Mandelic acid these ingredients protect the skin from damaging effects of free radicals associated with the aging process. LED Light Therapy is used to lighten spots or uneven tones, calm and tighten the skin, followed by age defying serums under a hydrating Goji Berry Yogurt Mask.

Glow Facial

$125 / 65 Min

This facial will excite the senses while hydrating the skin and targeting those stubborn sun spots. With a Vitamin C-rich chamomile blend that includes retinol, brightening clays, fermented lemon peel extract, and antioxidant-full cucumber & watercress extracts. This facial utilizes LED Light Therapy to tighten and brighten skin, Massage to Stimulate facial muscles and assist serums in penetrating deeper layers of the skin, and a Goji Berry Mask to leave your skin with a hydrating GLOW!

Facial Mask

Acne Away Facial

$125 / 65 Min

Reduce redness and inflammation caused by acne with this power packed blueberry enzyme, this facial will not only improve acne but it will reduce irregular pigment and scaring. This facial utilizes LED Light Therapy and High Frequency to help eliminate Acne causing bacteria and calm redness and inflammation, Cold Ice Globe Massage to further calm the skin while assisting masks and serums to penetrate the layers of the skin deeper, and a Charcoal Refining Mask.

Mommy and Bean Facial

$75 / 65 Min

Our bodies can experience a range of dramatic changes during pregnancy. Our Pregnancy Facial is a customizable treatment that combines a range of modalities and products tailored toward your skincare concerns. This treatment uses products and modalities that are safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women. We also take into consideration the hormonal changes that can happen during your pregnancy. Our pregnancy facials are a safe way to stay on track with your skincare regimen pre and post-pregnancy skincare.

Image by Camylla Battani

Hand and Foot Scrub
(15 minutes at the end of any facial)

$15 / 15 Min

The Hand & Foot scrub is designed with deep exfoliating granules which slough off the rough and dry patches, improve the circulation of blood and make the hands & feet softer, radiant and glowing! Our exfoliating scrubs followed with hot towels, will leave you feeling AMAZING!

CBD Shoulder & Neck Massage

$15 / 15 Min

Add onto any Facial Treatment, the CBD neck and shoulder massage is an amazing way to relieve that tension we all hold in our shoulders and neck, while also improving the health of your skin!

Relaxing Massage Therapy
Foot Massage

CBD Hand and Foot Massage

$15 / 15 Min

Add on this CBD hand and foot massage at the end of any facial! Like the face, we never realize how much tension we can hold in our hands and our feet day after day, this massage will help set the tone for the rest of your day! You will leave Keystone Medical massage looking and feeling better!

Breathe Easy Facial

$75 / 65 Min

Clear your Sinuses with all the benefits of our signature facial and more! Relax into easy breathing with Eukalyptus infused towels, followed by a facial massage and acupressure catered to clearing your sinuses. Leaving you with clear skin and clear sinuses, the Breathe Easy Facial is great for ANYONE and EVERYONE!

Girl Relaxing

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