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Massage Enhancements

$15 for one specific area

Please let us know your enhancement request prior to the appointment

(prices may vary or can be subject to change)


A therapeutic cupping treatment involves placing cups on the skin, a vacuum is created, and the tissue is drawn up into the cup. This increases the blood flow, loosens the fascia or connective tissue, and is thought to stimulate healing. It is similar to the way deep tissue massage can be used to break up scar tissue and reduce pain. The cups are often placed on the back, neck, and shoulders or the site of pain. Cupping may cause temporary bruising and soreness, depending upon the degree of suction created by the vacuum and the level of internal stagnation. Perfect for removal of toxins and stagnation in areas of discomfort! (Please ask your physician prior to appointment.)

Gua Sha

"Scraping" techniques offer a positive method of manual therapy that interrupts and breaks this cycle of pain and dysfunctional movement. It is equally effective in restoring function to acute and chronic injuries, pre and post-surgical patients, and maintaining optimal range of motion. 


Stretch legs, arms, neck, or hips for areas of tightness & pain.

Great for carpal tunnel, runners knee, thoracic outlet syndrome, and neck or low back pain.

Simply Earth Aroma Care

Breath in the goodness of mother nature with Simply Earth! Added to your massage topical to promote deeper breathing, eases the mind, and relaxes the muscles faster during your therapeutic massage.

What oil are you in the mood for?


Rock Sauce Tx

Warm towels applied to the area, heated ointment massaged

into the muscles, and then a cool relieving gel for pain relief. 

Promotes a deeper massage and helps muscles heal faster.

Goes great with a deep tissue or sports massage!


Circulation Blaster

A fast sander that vibrates to help promote deeper circulation, As you are lying face down it is applied to your back, arms, glutes, and legs 

Great for an energy boost, circulation issues, or geriatric massage. 

CBD Therapy

Soothing Touch® CBD Clinical Cannabidiol™ Nut Free Lite Oil is designed to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin while providing pain relief to muscles that are sore from daily activities and stress. Effective and long-lasting; perfect with a therapeutic massage. No THC or Positive Drug Tests - CBD Infused Topical Pain Relief. Fragrance-Free.

Magnesium Treatment

Applying hot towels, then gently massage Epsom salt rub, hot towels again, and finally massage with Magnesium Oil to alleviate muscle

spasms in legs, glutes, or back. 

(Diabetics not recommended)


Exfoliating Back, Foot, or Hand Scrub

Hot towels, a gentle scrub to clear away seasonal dead skin, followed by a moisturizer to make you look and feel softer & smoother.

A little luxury feeling never hurts!

*All Enhancements must be added when scheduling an appointment(s.)

Ice massage & Heated Therapy Application

Alternating ice and heat (hot stones or moist hot packs) to help decrease inflammation and increase circulation in the area of discomfort. Then massaged to help rebuild and rejuvenate the blood cells to have a quicker recovery.

TMJ Trigger Point Therapy

Complaints of jaw dysfunction & Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ / TMD) all the time:  jaw pain, popping, bruxism (teeth grinding / teeth clenching), tinnitus (ringing in ears), migraines, headaches, and other associated issues.  TMJ and related conditions are often caused by a variety of factors that differ in each person. There are many unique modalities and techniques that can be utilized to address TMJ. One method that stands out as highly effective is Trigger Point Therapy, also sometimes referred to as Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT). It comes as a shock to me that often times when I ask for permission to work on a client’s jaw, their response is:

“No one’s done that before!” Don’t worry we use gloves lol

ReAthlete Air-C +Heat Full Leg Compression Massager

Keep your legs feeling ready to go with the ReAthlete Air-C +Heat Full Leg Compression Massager. The Air-C +Heat also features controlled heat therapy for your knees and three different types of massage. If you are dealing with leg inflammation, blood flow issues, or general pain, schedule a ReAthlete Air-C +Heat Full Leg Compression Massager session today at KMM!

Executive Two Person Infrared Sauna Salt Cave 

Enter your own paradise with our Executive two-person Himalayan Infrared Salt Cave! Not only are you getting the tremendous benefits of Himalayan salt, but you are also gaining the indisputable relaxation and detoxification benefits of Infrared heat. Himalayan salt allows for easier breathing, and it dispels positive ions encountered every day due to pollution, EMFs, and allergens. When you bring infrared heat into your very own Himalayan salt cave, you will feel like you arrived in heaven!

Infrared saunas are able to penetrate far deeper into the skin than traditional saunas, allowing you to sweat out more toxins, ease tired muscles and sore joints better, and help with a plethora of ailments, including aiding those that are going through chemotherapy for cancer treatment. These rays leave you feeling renewed and re-energized. When you own one for yourself and find out how easy it is to use and just how effective the detoxing you’ll wish you got yours sooner!

Ionic Foot Soak 

After a KMM session, soak your feet in our Ionic Foot Bath Treatment. Stimulates your white blood cells to strengthen your Hydrogen bonds and promote a healthier and stronger immune system!​ Make an appt today!

Ear Candling

Do you feel like you have a wax build-up? This is alternative medicine practice to assist the natural clearing of earwax from a person's ear.

Add this to your next KMM appointment!

Infrared Sauna Session

Our biological cells absorb far-infrared energy, then resonant resonance is formed to increase the vibration of the molecules and activate the cells. The tissue temperature is increased, the blood circulation is accelerated, the local circulation is improved, the metabolism is increased accordingly.

Great for Meso-Cellulite, Fat Burner, Shrink fat, Lymphatic detoxification, reliefs muscle cramps, and promotes tissue regeneration and softening of scars. Great addition with a KMM massage!

*All Enhancements must be added when scheduling an appointment(s.)

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