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KMM Enhancements

( If possible, please let us know prior to appointment

$10 each


Back, Foot, or Hand Scrub 

Hot towels and a gentle scrub to clear away seasonal dead skin.

Looking and feeling softer & smoother. A little luxury feeling never hurts!


Breath in the goodness of mother nature! Added to your lotion to promote deeper breathing and relaxation to loosen muscles faster during your therapeutic massage.


Prossage and Biofreeze Tx with hot towels (1-2 areas)

Warm towels applied to area, heated ointment massaged

into the muscles, and then a cool relieving gel for pain relief. 

Promotes a deeper massage and helps muscles heal faster.

Goes great with a deep tissue or sports massage!


Circulation Blaster  (1 side of body)

A fast sander that vibrates to help promote deeper circulation, As you are lying facedown it is applied to your back, arms, glutes, and legs 

Great for an energy boost, circulation issues, or geriatric massage. 

CBD Therapy (1 area)

CBD creme for pain relief without the THC!

KMM uses a great product called Charlottes Web. Works great with massage for extend relief from Arthritic pain or injuries, 

Epsom Salt Rub  (1-2 areas)

Applying hot towels and epsom salt rub to alleviate muscle spasms. 

(Diabetics not recommended)


Doterra Deep Blue (1-2 areas)

Doterra has made an AMAZING product for those sore muscles!!!

Applying hot towels & then Deep Blue massaged into area for

deep muscle pain and soreness.


Stretching (1-2 areas)

Stretch legs, arms, neck, or hips for areas of tightness & pain.

Great for carpal tunnel, runners knee, thoracic outlet syndrome, and neck or low back pain.


Ice massage (1-2 areas)

Massage area with ice to reduce inflammation in the muscle or joint

Great for new injuries!


Heated Therapy Application (1-2 areas)

Heated rice packs, applied to areas indicated of pain, to help increase blood circulation to address the muscles without going over your pain threshold. Also, great for a deeper relaxation.

Energy Work (1 area)

Energy imbalance is the biggest cause of health issues. Reiki work is working with the 'life force energy' on an area of pain and discomfort.