KMM Wellness Advocates

Venessa Bish - Wellness Receptionist

Hi my name is Venessa Bish, I’m a mother of two wonderful ordinary boys. I’m a 2005 graduate and went to WCCC for business skills/Management. I have volunteered my time at the YMCA in Indiana, PA. I have years of experience taking care of the elderly, Now as a wellness executive secretary at Keystone Medical Massage, I Just don’t work here I utilize all the services to feel better about myself, I absolutely positively love my career here. I want you to love it as much as I do. I will take care of your scheduling, Questions, or Concerns that you may have. I look forward to speaking with you. Have a healthy & wonderful day. 

Linda Vucelich  - Holistic Bodyworker

Linda Vucelich, is a T’ai Chi / Qigong / Wellness Instructor for 25+ years, holds a B.S. in Education from the University of Pittsburgh. An anthropology class led her to become employed as an Orthodontic Technician for 27+ years where she gained experience and knowledge in body mechanics, hands-on techniques, and business. Instead of acquiring an advanced degree, she set her own path of coursework with independent studies in movement, energetic components, development, and all aspects of health. Her program reflects this study incorporating an ancient practice with practical applications. Her business, Energy Dynamics – Imagine, developed from her experience. Linda, also, offers Reiki with Psychic healing, Abraham-Hicks techniques, and Organizational tools. She has worked in many facilities, given numerous presentations, and conducted mini and weekend workshops.


A 12 day silent meditation study in Canada and a retreat in Virginia studying Human Consciousness are her most recent accomplishments. Linda is a seasoned world traveler and has studied in China and Malaysia with an instructor from the UK. She is open to opportunities where her talents and skills can benefit others in their journey.

Larissa Csanyi  - BlueBird Yoga

Larissa Csanyi, Owner of Bluebird Yoga and Wellness, has practiced yoga for many years and became certified so that she could share her love of yoga with others.

She participated in the certification program at JG Yoga and Wellness under the instruction of Jennifer Goebel.  Through this program, she became very comfortable and knowledgeable in providing yoga instruction to her students. Larissa still teaches weekly classes at JG Yoga and Wellness.  

Larissa is also Yoga Shred™️ Trained. Her Kick Some Asanas classes incorporate yoga warm ups and cool downs, but students can gain additional joint and muscle flexibility with Yoga Shred™️ Inspired yoga movements instead of the usual HIIT-based workouts.

She has also completed the American Council on Exercise's Introduction to MS for Fitness/Wellness Instructors. Through this program she learned techniques to assist clients in adaptive yoga.

For more info about Larissa and her yoga classes facebook Larissa at BlueBird Yoga and Wellness.

Adriana LaMantia - Dance with Adriana!

Adriana LaMantia has been dancing since the age of three recreationally and competitively concentrating in all styles of dance, ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, modern, lyrical, contemporary, hip-hop and acrobatics. She has taken classes from numerous well-known master teachers such as Mia Michaels, Kurtis Sprung, Teddy Forance, Philip Wright, the company at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre and many more. She continued her dance education at Seton Hill University, where she earned a double major, B.F.A in Dance Performance and B.F.A in Dance Choreography. During her time at college, she was on the dance team and became the assistant choreographer, was a member of the dance club and assistant taught at the academy program. She is currently teaching at Pennsylvania Ballet Conservatory, Xtreme Tumbling and Dance Center, and Dance Expressions by Erica where she teaches a wide variety of dance genres and levels, from beginning combination classes to advanced competition routines. Adriana is not just bringing her wits and talent to Blairsville, she is bringing creativity and fun to all ages in our community! Check out Adriana's calendar for her next upcoming class!

Matt Mikeska - Spiritual Drumming & Holistic Advisor

Rhythm is what gives form to the boundless spirit and energy of all that is within and beyond our human experience. From the movement of celestial bodies, to the changing seasons, the repeating cycles within nature and the beating heart of each one of us. Rhythm is a common thread that runs through everything, down to the smallest atoms that are vibrating with the beat of creation. The drum, being far more than an instrument, is a tool that is simple and accessible to anyone who approaches . the drum acts as a point of contact between the rhythm within and the universal rhythm. Through the drum we can connect with our deeper, primal self while at the same time connecting with others drumming around around us. As our rhythms synchronize with one another we create something that is much bigger and more powerful than any one of its individual parts. The drum circle becomes a deep and meaningful, radical act of community. Through the beating drum self becomes integrated with all that is outside of self. At the very least it's just fun to beat on a drum.

Becca Hullenbaugh - Limitless Boutique

I am a wife to the most amazing and supportive husband, and a mother to a fur and feather zoo. I am a travel obsessed nature lover, a leader, a confidence builder, and a chronic pain warrior. I started Limitless Boutique in November 2018. It is my creative outlet and platform to spread love and positivity, as well as to help others grow their confidence and find their self-worth. My mission is to help every one I can to feel gorgeous and empowered, whether that is through my words or my jewelry. I want my pieces and my classes to bring a smile to your face, and peace and fearlessness to your heart. Because when you become fearless, life becomes limitless.

Check out Becca's merchandise at

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