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Yoga Services

About Our Yoga Teacher

    Randy Joseph Crawford is registered with the World Yoga Federation as an E-RYT 500 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher 500) and Yoga Teacher Trainer. He has completed multiple pieces of training over the years, including YogaFit’s 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Power Yoga, JG Yoga, and Wellness 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, and YogaRenew's 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga. He’s also completed multiple pieces of training in Yin Yoga, which is the heart of his current teaching style. Developing health conditions in recent years and recovering from cancer has given him a great appreciation for the more passive forms of yoga, including Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Gentle Hatha Yoga. Passionate about yoga, Randy teaches from the roots, staying grounded in breath work and mindfulness. Recently relocated to Indiana County from Florida, he is excited to share his knowledge of this great practice here at Keystone Medical Center.


Chakra Healing Yin & Restorative Yoga - This deep stretch class is ideal for all levels of students. Focus is on the Chakras (main energy centers in the body), Auras, Nadis, and on utilizing poses to help open, restore, and balance our energy. Poses are held anywhere from 2-5 minutes, allowing deep stretching of the fascia, connective tissue, joints, and vertebrae, increasing the range of motion. Restorative (relaxation) poses are held longer, 5-15 minutes, transitioning our bodies to “relax and reset” through the activation of our parasympathetic nervous system, allowing for the natural healing of our bodies.  Aromatherapy is offered if wanted near the end of class during guided meditation.

Gentle Mindful Movement - A gentle class ideal for new and experienced yoga students alike. This uniquely designed class focuses on the “Ujjayi” breath, mindfulness, and the connection to meditative movement. A perfect harmony between effort and ease.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga - This class is designed for all levels of students. In this class poses are all interlinked with a continuous meditative flow, increasing flexibility, and building mild heat within the body, and through connecting breath with the movement we bring harmony and balance to our body and mind.

Class Schedule:


Tuesdays: Gentle Mindful Movement  -  6:00-7:00 pm

Thursdays: Chakra Healing Yin and Restore  -  6:00-7:00 pm



  • $15/class or

  • $20 to BRING-A-FRIEND! (That's only $10 per person)

  • $85/ Monthly Unlimited (That's just $10.63 per class!)



*Anybody can do YOGA! It doesn't matter your age, body shape, size, height, mobility, or whether or not you're flexible, this practice is suitable for EVERYBODY and ANY BODY! Modifications are offered throughout each class making yoga your own personal journey unique to YOU! You can make each pose as comfortable or as challenging as you want it to be because it's YOUR practice free from competition or judgment! :-)

**YOGA is NOT a religion!  While many religions from Hinduism, Buddhism, and even Catholicism and Christianity incorporate practices of yoga. Yoga in itself does not have a deity or doctrine. It comes from the Sanskrit word "yuj" which means to yoke or join in a union. The practice of yoga is connecting mind, body, and breath in union creating a journey from within that can be carried with you both on and off the mat. 

***Why the prices? While $15 a class may seem like a lot to some students there is a lot that goes into becoming a Certified and Registered Yoga Teacher with experience to bring this great practice to everyone. In-person teacher training cost thousands of dollars, plus there's the money for insurance, yearly registration dues, and tuition for ongoing Continuing Education. As with anything the cost of living has gone up and at many studios throughout America prices have gone up to accommodate the cost of operations with running yoga classes and the certifications behind the teacher. We try to make our classes as affordable as possible by offering promotions, discounts for bringing friends, and monthly memberships to bring down the overall cost of the class. We ask you to support your local small businesses and the efforts your teachers make to bring you these great practices! 

We provide healthcare in a different way.  Call us today to find out about our unique approach and to book a visit.

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